Benefits of CBWN-Kenya

Your opportunity to grow strong business networks across nations

Networking is one of the skills critical in building strong and productive professional and business connections. The Commonwealth Business Women Network (CBWN) – Kenya provides women in business this opportunity to connect with billions of other women in the Commonwealth Member States.

Members of the network gain profitable connections, collaborations as they do commerce with a growing network of businesswomen in the 58 Commonwealth Member States, an enviable lifetime opportunity to interact with over a billion women.

The Commonwealth Business Women Network has empowered millions of women economically and in leadership for the last 19 years, since its inception in 2002. The establishment of the network was a joint initiative of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Business Council, presently referred to as Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

The network grew exponentially, and in 2019, launched the Kenya chapter, which is part of the Commonwealth Business Women Network that acts as an intermediary between the Commonwealth businesswomen, Government, and the Private Sector. All the network activities are geared towards encouraging, enabling, and embedding women’s economic empowerment and women in leadership.

In brief, some of the benefits members of the Commonwealth Business Women Network – Kenya enjoy include:

  • Access to a special invitation to pitch your business ideas.
  • Access to a platform to connect, collaborate and do e-commerce with like-minded individuals.
  • An opportunity to participate in prime border trade forums, and showcase your products and services.
  • An open door for you to connect with over a billion women of the commonwealth through online learning, networking, and trade forums.
  • An opportunity to be part of a resourceful Commonwealth Business Women Network – Kenya newsroom. (The newsroom gives daily updates and access to important information related to a network of business owners, diplomats, private sector, and consultants among others.
  • An opportunity for youth and women to participate in tailored programs by Commonwealth partners.
  • An opportunity for youth and women to be invited to special meetings by policymakers in government, diplomatic community, and Commonwealth Business Women Network – Kenya.

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.”

(Roseanne Barr)

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Benefits of CBWN-Kenya