Your Backyard Garden Can Make the Whole Difference

Pula Brands was founded by Mpho Gebert and stemmed from inspiration and the need to supplement her income.

She chose the name ‘Pula’ because it means rain,(In Lesotho)  and usually brings abundance and prosperity. The products under Pula Brands were to bring her much-needed prosperity, and they did.

“It is now three years since I started making soap. The soaps under the Pula brands are handmade natural soaps made from purely natural products. Some of the products used are grown in our backyard garden,” says Gebert.

She adds that Pula brands pegs her business success on providing quality products to customers consistently, and also ensuring our customers are satisfied, come back for more products and even refer other potential customers to use the products.

“We differentiate our brand by providing quality products, consistently and we thrive on customer satisfaction,” says Gebert.

She, however, adds that the field is a little crowded with almost similar products. “For example, if someone sells carrot oil, then ten other people will do the same,” she says.

Pula Brands uses social media to market products and specifically Facebook and Instagram, and also showcase the products in open markets as often as possible where customers can physically see the products and even feel them.

“Open markets and expos have made a major difference in my business. After participating in any one of them there is a higher demand for the products,” says Gebert.

She has also uploaded her products on the Commonwealth Women Business Network – Kenya (CBWN – Kenya) eMarketplace to reach a bigger market in the commonwealth countries and beyond.

“The eMarketplace is a great tool. It is a wonderful place for interaction, learning from other entrepreneurs’ the way of presenting products, and so on. I would most definitely recommend the platform to others.”

“From the sales perspective, I feel that my challenge is still to explore and understand how I can export the products. This, I believe will make being on this eMarketplace platform much more profitable for my business,” says Gebert. You can find her products through the emarketplace website below

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