AWE St. Lucia Professional Ladies Being Offered Spots at the Commonwealth eMarketplace

SLUDTERA would like to inform its readers and followers that the AWE St. Lucia Professional Ladies are being offered spots at the Commonwealth eMarketplace.

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs St. Lucia program is producing quite a number of opportunities for its participants. Funding opportunities, connections, access to resources, training, mentoring and so much more.

In partnership with Startup Huddle St. Lucia, SLUDTERA, the implementer of AWE St. Lucia, is providing the ladies a platform to share their entrepreneurial ventures and stories with the local business community. The Startup Huddle St. Lucia events are being attended by special invited guests such as Nana Wanjau, Chief Operating Officer of the Commonwealth Business Women’s Network.

During these events, Ms. Wanjau would select one AWE Professional Lady who would be provided a spot on the Commonwealth EMarketplace to showcase her products and/or services.

The Commonwealth eMarketplace was re-launched during the inaugural Commonwealth Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit, which happened from 21st to 22nd April 2021. There is a market reach throughout the Commonwealth and the Americas. This platform will give women and youth an opportunity to connect, collaborate and do commerce beyond borders, continents and the Commonwealth.

Camille Paul presented at Startup Huddle St. Luca: AWE St. Lucia Takeover Part 2 on June 16th 2021. She is the Founder of The Bizzness Startup Hub which is a consultancy, coaching and mentorship service provided to startups and SME”s five days a week, through virtual and face to face meet-ups at convenient locations using the “Hand Holding Approach”.

Camille Paul

The first to be selected for a spot on the Commonwealth eMarketplace was Cleopatra Jules-Baker, founder of D&C Kidz Corner, an online store which provides a retail service to parents and loved ones seeking to buy clothing, accessories and shoes for kids aged 0-12 years. Cleopatra presented at Startup Huddle St. Lucia: AWE St. Lucia Takeover Part 1 on June 9th 2021. Nana Wajau made the announcement of her selection during Community Announcements towards the end of the event.

Cleopatra Jules-Baker

SLUDTERA would like to congratulate AWE St. Lucia Professional Ladies Mrs. Cleopatra Jules-Baker and Ms. Camille Paul on this achievement.

Startup Huddle St. Lucia: AWE St. Lucia Part 3 will take place this Wednesday June 23rd 2021 at 7 pm AST. Four ladies will be presenting and one of them will be selected for a spot on the Commonwealth eMarketplace.

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