The eMarketplace Platform Introduces You to The World

Mariya Murtaza- Commonwealth eMarketplace exhibitor

Mariya Murtaza has harnessed the power of digital communication and connections to increase her company’s market reach through a robust social media presence. The skincare and bathing products company, Alas Four Fashion Ltd, has a strong brand presence on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram among other online platforms. 

Communication on the different platforms is replied at almost a supersonic speed, showing the heartbeat of the company in satisfying the return and potential customers. The Founder, Murtaza, is not stopping yet. She wants to grow her company’s wings to reach the commonwealth market, through the eMarketplace platform established by the Commonwealth Business Women Network – Kenya (CBWN – K) that is recognized by 54 Governments across six continents.

“We (the company) recently joined the eMarketplace. I am yet to do business on this e-platform network, but it offers a new kind of exposure. I am hopeful that many people across the commonwealth community whom I do not know and who do not know me or my business will be able to through the eMarketplace,” says Murtaza.

She is excited about the platform and appreciates that it is cost-free and geared towards empowering her and the company. “It is a good experience for me, not forgetting that it is free of charge,” she adds.

The company slogan is ‘Fashion is nothing without people’. The company sells skincare and bathing products at both wholesale and retail rates. The products include perfume oils, shower gels, musks, hand creams, body lotions, and body scrubs among many others. The products are even packaged to suit different special occasions to surprise loved ones and friends to include a special Father’s Day Gift. Human beings have increasingly embraced fashion in all forms including skincare, and wardrobe shelves are packed with beauty products to leave the person’s skin glowing and aging gracefully. Visit our shop on the eMartketplace website at

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